PTCO Info & Contacts

PTCO Mission Statement: Through programs and events designed to bring our community together the goal of the BFHE PTCO is to garner resources to support student learning and achievement in technology, arts, and science.  Our mission is to create a continuous cycle of good will for our children who will benefit today and in the future.             
BFHE PTCO Guiding Principles:
- To provide leadership in academic resources through technology;
- To support the arts and healthy lifestyle programs;
- To create well rounded students through the exposure of external programs;
- To encourage parent partnerships and community involvement.
BFHE PTCO will follow these guiding principles in decision-making regarding allocation of resources.
2019-2020 School Year Board Contact Information      
 Board Position Name Email
 Co-President Erin Carlson
 Co-President Pamela Holloway
     Fun Run Co-Chair Jessica Drummond
     Auction Co-Chair   Pamela Holloway
     Auction Co-Chair Kelly Ellis         
 VP Events Jenn Stearns
     Event Co-Chair (Book Fair, Trunk or Treat) Jenn Stearns
     Event Co-Chair (Book Fair)     Cynthia Hubbard
     Event Chair (Movie Night, Taste of BFHE)     Tiffany Baker
     Event Chair (Trunk or Treat, Bingo Boys Night) Meg Dunton
     Event Chair
     (Pastries with Peeps, Daddy/Daughter Dance)
 Julie McGuinness
 VP Hospitality Sarah Welt
     Community Nights Abby Langum
     Teacher Appreciation Events    Kellie Lutzka-Boivin
 VP School Support
     (Spirit Wear, School Supply, and Legacy Bricks)
 Sara Brinkley
 VP Ways & Means
     (Box Tops, Longmont Milk Caps, Directory)
 Kerri Richter
 VP Communications Jen McGoff
 Secretary  Tracy Kurtz
 BookkeepingTreasurer Beth Cederberg
 Deposit Treasurer Jennifer Rittenhouse
 Disbursement Treasurer Julie McGuinness
 Past PresidentN/A